Now What?

We’re so excited to celebrate your new life in  Christ with you! 

This is the best and most important decision you have ever made.
As you start this new journey and life with Jesus Christ, you will learn more about how to follow Him day by day.

There are several things that will help you to grow spiritually along the way:

God’s Word is living and active, which means that it is powerful and able to guide you in every way. As you learn more about Him and obey what His Word teaches, you will become more like Jesus. A great place to start is the Gospel of John in the New Testament.
Prayer is simply communicating with God. Sometimes it’s hard to know how to pray, but prayer is talking and listening to God. Some things that you can do when you pray are:
Praise Him for who He is.
Thank Him for what He has done.
Ask Him for forgiveness.
Bring your requests before Him.  

This will help you grow in your new life in Christ.
We weren’t meant to go through life alone, and fellowship with other believers and learning more about God’s Word will strengthen your faith. If you are attending Sparta Church, we would love to connect you with other Christians in one of our  Life Groups!
Jesus calls us to be the salt and light of the world.
We are to make Him known, and glorify Him in all the earth. Don’t keep your new faith to yourself - tell someone what Jesus has done for you!

Welcome to God’s Family! You’ve made the most important decision of your life in following Jesus. A new life awaits you. We would love to help you along this journey. Tell us a little bit about you.

Committing your life to Christ is a big step, full of excitement, newness, joy and hope, but may also be a time full of questions. When you first become a Christian, you won’t have all the answers, and you won’t suddenly understand everything. You may have some questions about what it means to be a Christian and what God says about issues in the world around us. If you would like to know what we believe about God as a church, please visit our WHAT WE BELIEVE webpage. If you would like to get connected to a Life Group and connect with like minded Christ followers, please visit our LIFE GROUP webpage. If you have any questions about the commitment you made to Christ, we would love to talk to you and help you along the way! Please fill out the form below and one of our pastors will reach out to you.