Easter Sunday | Believing is Seeing

Apr 4, 2021    Pastor Doug Thuen
BELIEVE / “Believing is Seeing”
April 4, 2021
John 20:19-29
Study Questions

1. Discuss the key points in this account? 
What did Jesus show his disciples and why?

2. Why didn’t Thomas believe?

3. Once Thomas saw Jesus did he change?

4. Discuss the difference between ‘believing is seeing’ and ‘seeing is believing’.

5. Discuss the difference between Temporal faith, Tentative faith, and True faith. See also Hebrews 11:1; 1 Peter 1:8

6. If you were Thomas, do you think it would have been hard to believe?

7. How does this study impact your faith and trust in God’s sovereign grace in your life?
His mercy? His daily provision? His promise of eternal life?

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