Just Words?

Jan 23, 2022    Pastor Doug Thuen

7 Keys to Unlocking the Bible | Just Words?
January 23, 2022
Study Questions

1. Identify words that have more than one meaning. (IE: bat)

2. There are typically 3 kinds of Bible translations.
Literal - word for word [KJV, NASB, ESV]
Dynamic - thought for thought [NIV, NLT, CSB]
Paraphrase - idea for idea [TLB, The Message]

Which one do you most commonly use and why? Do you use more than one translation? If so, why?

3. Review the following 4 steps and apply them to the Scripture passages below for further practice and study:
a. Identify key words [unique, repeated]
b. Determine what language [Hebrew /Greek / Aramaic]
c. Compare Bible translations
d. Explore word study tools [outside resources]
Isaiah 26:3; Isaiah 66:1-2; Psalm 85:4-13; John 15:1-8; John 21:15-18

4. Below is a list of some resources to assist with studying the biblical text and key words. Are there any other outside sources you use when doing word studies in the Bible? What helps determines whether an outside resource is accurate or not?

5. What have you learned from this study to help you study God’s Word more confidently on your own this week?