The Power to Justify

Aug 15, 2021
The Power of the Blood | The Power to Justify
August 15, 2021
Romans 3:21-25a
Study Questions

1. Read Romans 3:10-11, 21-26. What is your reaction to the statement, "there is none righteous"?

2. How is righteousness obtained apart from the Law (v.21-22)? What role does the Law have then?

3. According to verses 23-24, describe how justification is obtained before God. Think for a moment about your salvation testimony–did you realize the full depth of justification at the moment of your salvation?

4. In light of the work of justification being received only through the blood of Christ, how necessary, then, is the doctrine of the Virgin Birth? Why? Also, was it necessary for Christ Jesus to physically shed blood for mankind to receive justification?

5. What is it that you did which qualified you for your relationship with Christ? Find the key words in this passage that define how a person receives justification from God. (See especially verse 22.)

6. What is the difference between being pardoned and being justified? Which would you rather have? Why?

7. How will this passage affect the way you live for Jesus? (See also: Matthew 18:21-35.)