Faith: Resolved and Determined (Hebrews 11:23-12:3)

May 22, 2022    Pastor Doug Thuen

Complete in Jesus / Faith: Resolved and Determined
May 22, 2022
Hebrews 11:23-12:3
Study Questions

1. Read Hebrews 11:23-32. Identify the various people the writer of Hebrews uses as examples of faith in action. What were their weaknesses? How did they endure? Which one can you relate to the most?

2. What hard choices did Moses make because of his faith? (11:24-28) What was it that kept Moses moving forward in faith?

3. How does Hebrews 11 disprove the notion that faith always leads to earthly blessing? (See vs.35-38.) What do you learn about difficulty and persecution from these verses?

4. What reward did these people receive because they remained faithful to God? (See verse 39.)

5. While none of us seeks difficulty, how might these verses encourage you to endure when you face various kinds of trials?

6. From this chapter, what do we learn about faith and works?

7. How would you explain what it means to live by faith to someone who is not a believer in Jesus?

8. Read Hebrews 12:1-3. Why is it important to realize the suffering that Jesus experienced?

9. Identify the action steps in verses 1-3. What does this look like in your life practically this week?