My Living Hope

Jul 18, 2021    Pastor Doug Thuen
Hosea: My Living Hope
July 18, 2021
Hosea 13-14
Study Questions

1. Read Hosea 10:1. What does this tell you about God’s people? Read Hosea 13:1-3. What will be the outcome of their false security in themselves and their idols? Review the rest of this chapter, taking note of God’s anger as a result of their disobedience.

2. Now read Hosea 14:1-3. What is God calling Israel to do in these verses? What hope do you find in these verses?

3. How does someone who has sinned and rebelled return to the Lord? Describe a time when you’ve repented of sin and returned to the Lord. What hope did (does) that bring you? Why?

4. What does it mean in verse 2 to “take with you words?” What kind of words?

5. To return to God, in what specific ways did their attitudes need to change according to verse 3?

6. How does the phrase “in you the orphan finds mercy” connect to the rest of this passage?

7. Read Hosea 14:4-8. List the various analogies the prophet gives to describe Israel. Why do you think the Lord gave Hosea this language? List the analogies that describe the Lord. What characteristics of God do they represent?

8. Read Hosea 14:9. Why is this verse so unique in the way that the prophet ends his book? What hope do you find in the message of the book of Hosea?