Cultivating Relationships

Apr 18, 2021    Pastor Doug Thuen
Engaging Spiritual Conversations in a Reluctant World
“Cultivating Relationships”
April 18, 2021
Study Questions
1 Corinthians 3:5-10

1. What makes it hard for you to share the Gospel with someone else? Which people are easier to speak with (and which are harder) about Jesus–strangers, friends, or family? Why?

2. What metaphor does Paul use to describe participation in growing God’s kingdom? What role in building God's kingdom did Paul and Apollos play? Explain.

3. Do you find yourself as a planter or waterer, neither or both? Why?

4. What is God's role in building His kingdom? Explain.

5. Read verse 9. Paul uses another metaphor. Who is God’s field, God’s building? According to verse 10, what role and responsibility do you have in the building of God’s kingdom? What does that look like in your life practically?

6. How does this passage help you deal with feelings of inadequacy when sharing the Gospel with others in your life?

7. In light of this study, what is the Lord asking you to do this week?