Asking the Right Questions

Apr 25, 2021    Pastor Doug Thuen    Luke 18:18-23; John 5:1-8
Engaging Spiritual Conversations in a Reluctant World | Asking the Right Questions
April 25, 2021
Study Questions
Luke 18:18-23; John 5:1-8

1. What’s the hardest thing about sharing your faith?

2. Read Luke 18:18-23. What was Jesus’ purpose in responding to the rich young ruler’s question with another question? Why did Jesus only reference four of the 10 Commandments? Which did He leave out?

3. What was the end result of the rich young ruler’s conversation with Jesus? How
do we manage the tension between the urgency of sharing the gospel, and the
trust that people will come to faith through the Holy Spirit’s conviction and leading
(and His timing)?

4. Read John 5:1-8. Why did Jesus ask the paralytic if he wanted to get well?

5. What can we learn from Jesus in His conversation with the paralytic?

6. How will this study help equip you to navigate spiritual conversations with the people in your life?

7. Discuss who God has put in your life right now that you have begun having, or
will begin to have, spiritual conversations with?