Giving the Right Answers

May 2, 2021    Pastor Doug Thuen
Engaging Spiritual Conversations in a Reluctant World | Giving the Right Answers
May 2, 2021
Matthew 13:1-9;18-23 / Acts 17:16-34
Study questions

1. Do you feel equipped to have conversations about your faith in Jesus? Why or why not?

2. Read Matthew 13:1-9 and 18-23. What do we learn about the Kingdom of God through this parable? What is the seed, and who is the sower? What do the different types of soil represent? Where do you see yourself in this parable?

3. Read Acts 17:24-31. How do you see the parable of the sower lived out through Paul’s conversation with the Greeks?

4. Identify some similarities between the culture in ancient Athens in Paul’s day, and our culture today.

5. What were some of the challenges Paul faced in dialoging with the Athenians and how did he overcome them? How does this help you face the challenges of sharing your faith with others?

6. Paul seems to focus on four main points when sharing the gospel with the Athenians:

o God

o Man

o Sin

o Salvation

What Scripture(s) do/can you use that will help you answer someone who asks what you believe? How are these four points helpful? Do you have a different approach when sharing the gospel? If so, share it with the group.

7. Find a Christian friend and practice presenting the gospel talking about God, man, sin, and salvation.