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Aug 2, 2020    Pastor Doug Thuen
The Pursuit of Joy | Created for Community
August 2, 2020
Life Group Study Questions
Philippians 2:17-30

1. Since the COVID-19 quarantine, what have you missed doing the most that you can’t do now?

2. Read Philippians 2:17-30. Who are the three individuals in leadership in the Philippian church? Identify how God equipped them to serve the body of Christ. What made them each unique?

3. How did each of their unique personalities and spiritual gifts all come together to offer strength and support to the church body in Philippi?

4. Paul said in verse 17 that he is ‘being poured out like a drink offering’. Identify those people that are ‘pouring’ into your life and helping you grow in your faith in Jesus. What makes you identify them as such? How can you mimic their influence in your life with your uniqueness?

5. How is your church family living in community during this global pandemic? How are they edifying one another with their unique gifts and service?

6. How is your church proclaiming the gospel as they live in community during this COVID-19 pandemic?

7. Has your testimony as a Christ-follower been hampered during this quarantine (IE: fear, anger, impatience)? If so, how? If you are battling fear, how can you trust in God’s sovereign control more? (See Isaiah 43:19; Genesis 50:20; John 16:33.) If you are battling anger or impatience, what do you need to surrender to Him? (See Colossians 3)

8. What gifts/tools/resources has God given you to be a part of edification in the body of Christ and gospel proclamation to those who don’t yet know Jesus?