Feb 7, 2021    Pastor Doug Thuen
Believe | Abide
February 7, 2021
Life Group Study Questions
John 15:1-8

1. Read John 15:1-10. Identify the different seasons of Christian growth as it relates to Jesus’ analogy of branches on the vine. Describe how you have experienced these seasons. What were they like? How did your Heavenly Father work in your life to grow and mature you as a believer?

2. What is the difference between the branch in v.2a and the branch in v.6? What is the outcome of each?

3. In this passage, what is the ultimate desired outcome? What is the one thing Jesus is asking of you in order for this to happen?

4. What does Jesus mean by “abide in Me”? What does that look like in the everyday? (See also vs. 9-10.)

5. God will ‘take away’ (relocate) a branch connected to the Vine (Jesus) in order to remove us from a season of ‘unfruitfulness’. Considering this, what is the difference between punishment and discipline? (See also Hebrews 12:7-11; Jeremiah 3:12-13.) Punishment and discipline may ‘feel’ the same at the time; identify the primary difference(s) between them.

6. Everyone loves the smell of ‘fresh, ripe, fruit’! Or do they? Read 2 Corinthians 2:14-16 and identify two responses people have to the gospel ‘fruit’ lived out in your life.

7. In light of this study, what is God asking you to do in order to abide in Him this week?