Palm Sunday | Follow the Leader

Mar 28, 2021    Pastor Doug Thuen
BELIEVE / “Follow the Leader”
March 28, 2021
John 12:12-19
Study Questions

1. Read John 12:12-19. What is different about the crowd’s reaction to Jesus in this
passage from earlier instances in the book of John?

2. What do you think accounts for this changed perception of Jesus?

3. Describe the power of a testimony. How did the testimony of those who witnessed
Lazarus raised from the dead affect others?

4. Look back at Zechariah 9:9. Remember that “hosanna” means “salvation has come,” and palm branches were a cultural sign of hope in those days. Why is it so fitting that people were shouting Hosanna and waving palm branches for this occasion in Jerusalem?

5. What expectations did the people have of Jesus when He entered Jerusalem? In the immediate days ahead, how did Jesus not meet their expectations?

6. Pastor Doug identified four main proofs that Jesus is truly our Messiah (Leader/Savior).
Review them and discuss why they are important to you.

7. If you had to tell someone what there is to celebrate about Jesus, what would you say?

8. How can you show Jesus this week that He is the Lord of your life in celebration, in
sacrifice, and in submission?