Nothing Else Matters

Jul 5, 2020    Pastor Luke Mihail
Philippians 1:21-30
Small Group Questions

1. Read Philippians 1:21-30. What stands out to you?
- Try and pull out key themes such as

2. What do you think Paul meant when he said “To live is Christ, to die is
gain?” (verse 21)

- Paul knows that living for Christ is ALL that matters in life. We are to
devote our time to living for Him and see others come to know Him

- To ‘die is gain’; Paul is saying that being with Jesus is what he desires;
but by the same token, knows that he is ok Earth for a purpose

3. On Sunday, Pastor Luke spoke about Paul’s struggle in verse 23. Why did
Paul seem to outline his desire to die as well as to continue living?

- Paul repeats the theme from verse 21; what else can your group gain
from this passage?

- How have people in your group felt this?

4. Paul speaks about the importance of unity in the Philippian Church (verse
27). Why is Church unity so important?

- Pastor Luke said ‘Disunity disrupts the mission’; we are to be united if we
are to be effective

5. Paul speaks about the importance of suffering (verse 29). Why is suffering
beneficial for the believer?

- Suffering refines us; it makes us stronger
Suffering makes us more like Jesus