Ordinary People Becoming Extraordinary Followers of Jesus

Nov 1, 2020    Pastor Doug Thuen
When In Rome | Ordinary People Becoming Extraordinary Followers of Jesus
November 1, 2020
Acts 11:19-30

Life Group Study Questions

1. What was the reason the believers left Jerusalem for Phoenicia, Cyprus and Antioch?

2. What was the overall outcome? Describe a time when the Lord moved in your church in a way that seemed difficult at the time, but later you could see He intended it for good?

3. If you had been scattered due to persecution (as these believers were) would your first impulse have been to speak about Jesus or to stay quiet and allow things to cool down? Explain.

4. With Antioch being a pivotal city joining the Eastern and Western Roman empire, why may it have been important that the Lord brought believers here?

5. Why did some believers speak only to Jews while others spoke only to Greeks (vs. 19-20)?

6. Why do you think the Gospel of Jesus was so well received in Antioch? Identify God’s working as well as the cultural climate of the day.

7. Why did the church in Jerusalem send Barnabas to Antioch? How did he react to what he found (11:23)? What was the “evidence of the grace of God” that he saw there?

8. Why was it important for Barnabas to invite Paul back to Antioch?

9. What do we learn about generosity from the believers providing help for their fellow brothers/sisters living in Judea? (see vs. 28-30)

10. Identify at least 3 life lessons you can learn from the Christians in Antioch. Explain.

11. How has this passage challenged you as a fellow believer in your local church?