Paul Defended His Rights Peaceably

Dec 13, 2020    Pastor Chuck Wampler
Paul Defended His Rights Peaceably
December 13, 2020
Study Questions

Acts 26:1 - 32

1) In verses 1 - 11 what stands out to you as an interesting part of Paul's initial defense?

2) How would you respond to Paul's question in verse 8?

3) Describe/discuss Paul's conversion in verses 12 - 18.

4) Discuss your own salvation experience in light of the description of salvation in verse 18.

5} What encouragement do you receive from verse 22a?

6) Do you see the gospel message in verse 23?

7) Do you see Festus and Agrippa feeling conviction at Paul's words in verses 24 - 30? How?

8) Discuss the effectiveness of Paul's defense with the use of the gospel and his personal experience. Do you agree he was peaceable?