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Sep 27, 2020    Pastor Doug Thuen
When In Rome | Be Church. Do Church.
September 27, 2020
Study Questions
Acts 3:1-4:37

1. Define ‘courage’ in your own words. Give a contemporary example of someone who is/was courageous.

2. Read Acts 3:1-10. What was the significance of the healing of the lame beggar? What was it that he was looking for? What did the Apostle Peter give him? How does this example motivate you as a believer to extend mercy to others? What has the Lord Jesus given you (gifts, resources, experiences) enabling you to share the Gospel with others?

3. Peter suddenly became so bold and articulate compared to being so timid and cowardly when he denied knowing Jesus to a teenage girl during Jesus’ trial. What changed?

4. Read Acts 3:11-4:12. In light of the Apostles’ response when they were confronted by both crowds and authorities, what can we learn when potentially facing similar criticism, confrontation, or even hostility?

5. Read Acts 4:13-22. What were the synagogue leaders’ assessments of the Apostles? What was surprising about their conclusions? Do you find this comforting/encouraging? Why/why not?

6. What strikes you about the Apostles’ response to these officials in Acts 4:18-20? Would that be an appropriate response in a similar situation today? Why/why not?

7. Read Acts 4:23-31. What was the response of the church body when the Apostles were released by the authorities? What requests did they specifically ask the Lord in their prayers?

8. Read Acts 4:32-37. Summarize the attitude and faith of the early church. Do you see that same attitude in the church today? Why/Why not?

9. How does this study help you be more courageous in your faith in Jesus this week?