Fervent Prayer and the Sovereignty of God

Nov 8, 2020    Pastor Doug Thuen
When In Rome: “Fervent Prayer and the Sovereignty of God”
November 8, 2020
Acts 12:1-25
Study Questions

1. How do you think the Christians in Acts 12 resolved that God is fair, just, loving, and sovereign after James was killed and Peter was spared? Is “why” a legitimate question to ask when tragedy strikes? Explain your reasoning.

2. How can we pray in faith for deliverance if we do not know God’s will in advance?

3. What strikes you about the miraculous deliverance of Peter from prison? Would you have responded the same way Peter did? Would you have responded similarly to the Christians when Peter arrived at their home? Explain. (See verses 3-19.)

4. What do we learn about the Lord when He strikes Herod dead with worms? (See verses 20-23.)

5. It seems like major world religions have derailed the spread of the gospel into much of the world for centuries. What does this passage teach us about the fact that the gospel of Jesus Christ is unstoppable? (See verses 24-25.)

6. What does this passage teach you about the sovereignty of God? How will this affect your prayer life starting this week?