Blinded by the Light

Oct 18, 2020    Pastor Doug Thuen
When In Rome | Blinded By The Light

October 18,2020

Life Group Study Questions

Acts 9:1-23

1. Describe in your own words what type of person Saul was before he met Jesus on the road to Damascus. (See Acts 9:1-2; Acts 8:1-3.)

2. Why was Saul hurting the Christians?

3. Saul’s conversion is recorded for us in three places in Acts, Read 9:3-9, 22:6-11 and 26:12
- 18. What elements do you learn from each account?

4. Do all conversions happen the same way? The Bible makes it clear that it is essential for each person individually to encounter Christ and surrender to Him regardless of how he or she comes to that decision point (Romans 10:9-10). Share your story: when did God ‘open’ your eyes to His gift of forgiveness and eternal life?

5. Read Matthew 13:13-15 and John 6:44. How does one come to see the need of salvation through Christ alone? (See also 2 Thessalonians 2:13-14.)

6. When did Paul begin to preach and what did he share (Acts 9:20)? How was he received? What variables keep us from speaking to people about Jesus?

7. When Paul finally returned to Jerusalem and tried to join the disciples, he was rejected by them at first (9:26). Why do you think they didn’t immediately accept him? How do you think you would have responded to Paul (aka ‘Saul’) asking to be part of your group? Why?

8. Has there ever been a time when a Christian friend stepped up to defend you? Have you ever stepped up in defense of a Christian friend? Explain.

9. List three things you are thankful to the Lord Jesus for in light of this passage.