Be Courageous!

Dec 27, 2020    Pastor Doug Thuen
When In Rome / “Be Courageous”
December 27, 2020
Study Questions
Acts 28

1. Why would God let a viper bite Paul, and what would bring the Maltese to call Paul "a god" (Acts 28:6)?

2. Paul faced multiple difficulties and trials while trying to preach the gospel–including being shipwrecked (Acts 27). Can you describe a time in your life when God caused something good for His sake out of a difficult situation?

3. The Alexandrian ship they boarded had mythical twin figurehead gods that seagoing mariners worshiped for protection. Even ungodly people have in their nature a desire to worship. What would you say non-believers in our culture currently worship for protection?

4. In Acts 28:15 Paul finally completes the last leg of his voyage and has to make the rest of the journey on land. What did “the brothers” do that was an encouragement to Paul and inspired him to thank God?

5. In Acts 28:16 Paul is allowed to live by himself in Rome with one soldier (usually a prisoner that is intended to go before Caesar would have two soldiers assigned to him). What do we learn about his restriction of movement in Philippians 1:13?

6. Read Acts 28:17-29. While Paul was under arrest, whom did he influence for Christ? What were their response(s)? Why did Paul quote Isaiah 6:9-10?

7. Do you believe most people today are receptive to the message of the gospel or most reject it? Why?

8. How do you think Paul felt when some rejected his message? Have you ever experienced people rejecting the gospel after you’ve shared it? How did you feel? How did you react? What can we learn from how Paul handled his situation?

9. Read Acts 28:30-31. What is the message the Holy Spirit wants you and me to see as Luke ends his book?

10. How can you thank God despite the hardships that you’ve faced in your life? How will this make you more courageous as you follow Jesus this week?