Breaking Down the Walls of Prejudice

Oct 25, 2020    Pastor Luke Mihail
Breaking Down the Walls of Prejudice
Acts 10:1-11-18
Group Questions

1. Read the whole passage. What stands out to you?

2. Read Acts 10:9-16. What do you think God meant when He said to not regard as profane what God cleansed?

3. In Acts 10:26, Cornelius falls at Peter’s feet to revere him. What was Peter’s response? What can we learn from this?

4. In Acts 10:34, Peter said that God has no favorites. What does this mean for how we present and share the Gospel?

5. On Sunday, Luke said that no one is ineligible for salvation. Have you always believed this? Why/why not?
In Acts 10:44-48, we see the ‘second Pentecost’. What do you think the response of Peter’s friend was?

6. When Peter returned to Jerusalem, why were the Jews upset with Peter?

7. What was Peter’s response (Acts 11:4-17)?

8. Why were the Jews so easy to accept Peter’s explanation?

9. What was something you got out of this passage?