He is Faithful: Lessons from Peter

Oct 24, 2021
Faith Lessons From Peter
Small Group Questions
John 21:15-19, Matthew 14:28-33, John 18:4-11, Luke 22:54-62

1. What was something you got out of the message from Sunday?

2. Look at verses John 21:15-19. Why do you think Jesus asked Peter three times if he loved Him?

3. Look at Matthew 14:28-33. What happened when Peter took his eyes of Jesus? What can we take from this?

4. What practical steps can we take to ensure we don’t take our eyes off Jesus?

5. Turn to John 18:4-11. What would you have done in Peter’s situation? Why?

6. What does this say about Peter’s personality? Can you relate to this?

7. Turn to Luke 22:54-62. What stood out to you in this passage?

8. In verse 61, we see Jesus turn to Peter. What ‘face’ would Jesus have given Peter? How would you have responded?

9. Luke’s ‘take homes’ were:

• Jesus uses unlikely people
• Jesus is patient with us
• Jesus calls us when we’re not expecting it
• Jesus forgives our lack of faith

Which of these do you most resonate with right now?

10. How can Peter’s shortcomings help us understand the heart of Jesus?