Search & Rescue

Dec 19, 2021
The Journey | Search and Rescue
December 19, 2021
Luke 15:3-6
Study Questions

1. What is the most valuable thing you’ve ever lost? How far did you go to find it? What did it cost you to find it? Are you still searching?

2. Who was the primary audience Jesus was speaking to? Why did Jesus use the analogy of shepherds and sheep in this parable?

3. What does this story teach us about the character of God? Explain. What does it teach us about how Jesus values sinners?

4. Compare Luke 15:3-6 with John 10:10-11. How do these passages relate to the reason and purpose of His incarnation and His ultimate mission from the Father? (See also John 10:17-18, 24-30.)

5. What is the kingdom meaning behind Jesus speaking of the sheep being “lost”? Use Scripture to support this. How are people “lost”…are they mostly lost or completely lost? (See Romans 3:9-24.) If all people are lost in sin (Romans 3:23), what did God accomplish for us in order for us to be rescued (Romans 3:24)? Describe what being rescued looked like in your life.

6. What was the reaction of the shepherd when he finds his lost sheep? How does this apply to the kingdom of heaven?

7. Is there something in your life you need to repent of but are afraid to, or something over which you feel like you have no right to ask for forgiveness again?

8. What does this story suggest about how Jesus would feel if you were to repent? Believe Him, confess, and respond to the Lord’s promise of forgiveness today!