When A Little Goes A Long Way

Nov 21, 2021
The Journey | When A Little Goes A Long Way
November 21, 2021
Mark 12:41-44
Study Questions

1. Read Mark 12:41-44. What do you find most interesting about this account? How do you think you would have felt and reacted if you were one of the disciples with Jesus?

2. What does Jesus say about the wrong reason to give your offering(s)? (See also Matthew 6:2-4.)

3. Close your eyes and let yourself wonder: what do you imagine this widow looked like? What do you believe her face would have been communicating? What makes you draw that conclusion?

4. Why did the widow give both of her last coins? Why not just one of them? Why did Jesus say that she gave ‘more’ than those who gave a lot? What is the principle Jesus is teaching here about giving to God? Compare this account with the account of the widow at Zarephath–what are the parallels? (1 Kings 17:8-16)

5. Discuss the differences between the 3 following categories of biblical giving and find an example of each one in the Bible:
a. Proportionate giving
b. Sacrificial giving
c. Giving in faith

6. Read Mark 10:17-22. Why did the rich young ruler walk away from Jesus sad? What emotional response did Jesus have toward him? What is the main difference between the widow and the rich young ruler? What excuses do Christians typically use to not give of their resources, skills, and time?

7. How is the Lord asking you to trust Him this week with faith like the two widows in this study?