Is It Really Worth It?

Dec 12, 2021
The Journey / “Is It Really Worth It?”
December 12, 2021
John 12:1-8
Study Questions:

1. Discuss a time when you gave or received what you would consider an extravagant gift? What was the occasion? How did you feel about giving/receiving it

2. Read John 12:1-8. Discuss the setting. What was the reason the disciples were together? What were they celebrating? Try to describe what you imagine was the emotional climate in the home?

3. When Mary poured out her perfume onto Jesus’ feet, what do you think the others who observed were thinking? What do you think they were thinking when she followed that up by washing His feet with her hair

4. What was Mary’s motive/reasoning? Try to imagine what was going through her head at that moment. Share your thoughts.

5. What was Judas’ response? Why? Have you ever been tempted to respond the same way when someone gave so extravagantly to the church?

6. How did Jesus respond to Judas? Was He angry or sad? How did He respond to Mary?

7. Judas had a front row seat to miracles and to Jesus' revolutionary teaching and still betrayed Jesus. How can Judas' identity of being one of God’s chosen warn us against "playing church"?

8. In what ways does someone’s life choices and actions reflect the value they place on their relationship with Jesus?

9. In what ways have you found Jesus to be worth what it has cost? In other words, what have you "wasted" in love for Jesus lately? What does that look like in your life today?